Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Slow Death of a Republic

The latest Morgan Poll ( http://www.roymorgan.com/news/polls/2008/4290/ ) shows the general level of support or a Republic in Australia at 45%, while support for the Monarchy has risen to 42%. While highly encouraging for anyone who truly cares about the future of this countries political system, the really important result is one barely commented on, even in what little media attention has been given to this poll. This is that 64% of young people asked, 14-17 year olds, support the Monarchy. This makes a mockery of Republicans claims that they only have to sit back and wait for the 'inevitable' Republic to come to them.
I have long held that most republicans are not fuelled by concern for our constitution, but an immature dislike of Great Britain and her institutions which developed amongst Baby Boomers as a reaction to their parents loyalty. The younger generations lack this, we travel to Britain, work in Britain, live in Britain in vast numbers. We have more respect for Britain, though we do not defer to them in any way, and rightly so.
Australia is a proud, independent nation that shares one of the most stable and free political systems in the world, and the bedrock of this is our constitutional monarchy. Thankfully, Australians, and particularly young Australians, are beginning to wake up to this fact.


Matt said...

You're absolutely right. It's primarily the baby-boomers who've been the worst levellers across the Crown Commonwealth.

Support for monarchy's on the upswing among youth in Canada, too. And most encouragingly, this is due to no out-of-the-ordinary event or show of vice regal force. It's just an attitudinal shift. Thank goodness!

- Matt


MWK said...

Very interesting stuff, mate. I have monarchist sympathies myself, but I know that, as unfortunate as it is, America will never return to monarchy. Although, given the current election debacle, I wish it would be countenanced. Also, the young people extol monarchy, while the "learned and wise" elders denigrate it as anachronistic and obsolete.



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