Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia.

After eleven years of incompetent and radical government masquerading behind the conservative label so unthinkingly bestowed by a compliant media, Australia has a new Prime Minister. Thank God.
Although Howard claimed to be socially conservative but economically radical (a contradiction, one is either conservative or not) the pure and simple truth is that he was a power hungry man who would attack any institution, any eminent person, who dared to criticise him and his clique of absurdly useless ministers. He was economically radical and socially neglectful, doing nothing to help promote traditional valued in Australian society, all the while espousing such populist trash as 'mateship'.
We now have a truly conservative Prime Minister in the form of Kevin Rudd, who has, it seems, promptly abandoned earlier claims to hold a referendum on the Republic question, much to my delight as the one difficulty I had in voting for a Rudd government was that Labor supported the idea of an Australian Republic.
Let us hope the venerable institutions of Australia, so abused by the Howard government, can now be rejuvenated and restored.